1. Hi Tracie! Thanks for such an in-depth blog post. I found it through your post on the Pinfinite Growth FB page. 🙂

    My question for you is – when setting up pins to loop on Tailwind, I noticed you’re able to select multiple boards for the same pin to loop to. You reference this above and say you can select as many or as few boards as you like. Per Pinterest’s new updates, the recommendation now (and according to MG) is to change the pin’s description so it’s fresh on each board (so that you are not viewed as ‘spamming’ due to having the same pin + pin description each time). How do you combat this? It seems either Tailwind isn’t thinking about this when setting up this feature, or I’m missing something!

    1. Excellent question! This alone will not flag you as spam. You can pin the same description to multiple boards for a period of time.

      I go in every 2 – 3 weeks and update the description so the next few pins will be different than those before them.

      I just would never set it and forget, like people did with Boardbooster.

  2. This is awesome, Tracie, and I can’t wait for this new feature to roll out to everyone. I applied to be on the waiting list, so hopefully, I’ll hear some good news soon. Thanks for the overview. I really like the way this is set up, and it should work perfectly (or close) to how I personally want it. Hoping it will roll out soon.

  3. Hey Tracie,
    That’s a smart update there.
    I just started with the program. Still a long way to go though 😉
    I see a lot of people getting massive traffic from Pinterest so I decided to check out more about it. That;s how I found out Tailwinds is highly used.

    Thanks for bringing this update to my attentiin

    1. Glad to help! Feel free to email or reach out if you have any questions as you dig into Tailwind and Pinterest.

  4. Thank you so much, Tracie, for sharing this useful information!
    I can’t wait to be part of the beta loop testing! I still find scheduling with Tailwind hard and time consuming and I hope this will help with my popular content ????

  5. This is so exciting Tracie, I’ve seen smart loop articles before, but not one has shown this “Don’t pin to” feature. I think pinterest is great for getting traffic especially to a new site, Lord knows that reaching 100 daily pageviews in my first 2 weeks (with only 5 posts!) was great motivation to go on, and I couldn’t have done it without pinterest. I even wrote a post on how to set up a successful Pinterest business account for complete newbies, but the having to constantly stay on top of things gets a little bit tiring.

    Looks like Tailwind is quickly becoming the IFTTT of Pinterest yay!

    Can’t wait to get my invitation.

  6. I am SO EXCITED for this! I’ve been watching my email for months waiting for this feature to go live, and I was dreading the learning curve. But it looks pretty logical and these tutorials are invaluable. I can’t thank you enough for this resource!

  7. Thank you so much for a great read! I just gained access to Smart loop and am dabbling with one loop. My struggle is understanding the best way to set-up loops. Do you run loops only to group boards or are you also constantly repinning your own domain pins to your existing boards?

    Can you share your thoughts and strategy? I so appreciate it!

    1. So, I find my top ten pins and top ten boards, be that group or personal. Those are the ones that I first start looping. I never loop anything that is not my own and only loop things that are already doing well. I want to keep that momentum going for those pins and that is a simple way that I do that.

      Dig into your Google Analytics and see which pins get the most traffic and that is the content you want to start with.

  8. Thank you for making such a simple to follow post. I found it even more helpful and easy to understand than Tailwind’s tutorials. I just have a question that puzzles me, Under Advanced settings, at the bottom it has an Adjust Existing Loop Schedules button, what is that for? When I click on it, I pick a number of times per day but I thought I already picked a number of times per day to pin from the loop at the top of advanced settings. Those two numbers don’t match. I’m confused.

    1. I would need to look at that to know for sure as they may have ended that. I have not used Tailwind for a while now (worked better for my frugal site that I sold).

    2. Did you ever find out? I found this blog post while trying to figure out how to use that feature and I’ve had no luck either… I’ve reached out to customer support but it will be days before I hear back

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