Being productive in running your blog


Being productive in running your blog

Starting a blog is one thing but knowing what to do is something entirely different.

There are going to be roadblocks and you will stumble. You may also not quite know how to manage your day.  You need to track everything as a business.

It is quite a bit to manage. However, with the right tools and help, you can master it all effectively.

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Bloggers make money in several ways. While the most popular method is through an ad network, that is only one way to make an income from your site.  There are many options available and it is wise to investigate and be willing to test them all.

Day to Day Blogging

There are things you need to do every day, week and month on your blog. There is writing the content, site maintenance, social media and more.  Find out what you will need to do to run your blog as a business.

Productive Blogging

It is important to stay organized and as that will help you better plan your day.  There are tools and methods that bloggers have used and proven work so they can find a way to manage their blogs and personal lives.


Once you start making money blogging, you need to properly track your income and expenses.  As far as filing your taxes goes, you do need to check with your CPA regarding necessary forms and even if it is the time to change your corporate structure.

Blogging Struggles

Whether you have been blogging for a month or five years, you are going to run into walls. There will be times you struggle.

That should not make you quit but rather, motivate you to not learn from your mistakes but to keep trying.