1. This is such a great article. My brand name really doesn’t make sense. I would like to rebrand to something more understandable. So my content would not change.
    I’m just afraid to buy another domain and start again. Is it true that it takes a few months for stats to go back up?
    2 years ago I moved from Blogger to WordPress, and it’s been a pain. But I’m growing. I don’t want to go bank to 0. ????

    1. No, it should not. You just set up a redirect from the old domain to the new. Google may take a little bit to catch up, but you should see no dip in traffic or anything at all.

      I did this years ago and it did not take that long to get back to where I needed to be. And, it turned out to be the best decision I made.

      If it does not make sense, do it now. Bit the bullet and be willing to take a slight step back so you can catapult forward.

  2. Great article Tracie. I’m deliberating whether to rebrand my primary blog as it has my name in it,and the url is very long. But, with 2 blogs and a roboust consulting biz, I don’t know where I’d find the time. This is great info, and helpful for when/if I’m ready to make the switch. For now, I’m doing a content audit and trimming the old and poorly written content.

    1. Wow – you are busy!!! It is smart to trim up for now and focus on what you can and then look at this as something you may want to soon (I would not wait too long if you really want or need to rebrand).

  3. This is so helpful Tracie! Thanks for always having the resources bloggers need. I’ve rebranded a few times before (years back) and I always wing it LOL. My next rebrand will be so much easier and more organized by following your planner. Thanks again!

  4. Tracie, Thank you so much for the detailed guide. I am going to rebrand my blog to something that makes more sense, and this will help me get through it knowing I did all the right steps.

  5. I’ve gone through the process of rebranding my blog. It was a horrific experience, by the way, After searching the impact of rebranding, I came across this blog, And it has all things you need, thanks for providing nice info

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