1. Tracie, Am very new to this world of writing, blogging. Friends and other people have been telling me about Google Adsense to star with. Is it true?
    Also, can I use affiliate marketing while being on blogger?

    1. Hi there! Adsense is an ad network and it is a great starting platform for new bloggers. You can place links on your site that serve ads and then as those get impressions you will get paid.

      As far as affiliate marketing, you can use it on most platforms. You need to read the fine print in the terms, but from what I recall, it is perfectly acceptable to use affiliate marketing on Blogger. But again, you need to read the terms of service to know for certain.

  2. Thank you for your insight, Tracie.
    I’ve made money right from the early months of my blog with affiliate marketing. I read a research that talked about how AM is even more viable than selling products because of the time and investment the latter requires. (Not to say creating useful products isn’t profitable.)
    And truly disclosures are very essential. I see newer bloggers ignore the disclosure and while they do get away with this in closed forums like private FB groups, it can cause trouble down the road e.g. getting disabled on Pinterest completely.

    1. Thank you! It is crazy what bloggers do not realize. They are risking their own income by not properly disclosing all of the details when it comes to affiliate links. It is almost like they want to be sneaky about it. 😉

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