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  1. I experience most of the issues you pointed out in this article. Almost 7 months since I started blogging and I am still struggling to grow my traffic, email list etc. This article, is an eye opener for me. I should niche down. Thank you, Tracie. You solved my issue.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You certainly are not alone there. I am glad I was able to help you think about your niche and consider narrowing it down a bit to be more targeted.

  2. Helpful article. Appreciate you sharing. How can you determine how profitable a niche is before diving in and creating the content to make an educated decision?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      If you see products and ads around the niche then you should have pretty good luck with yours.

  3. Hey there! Thanks for the article, it’s really helpful!
    I’m still struggling though finding my niche. I wanna start a blog about new parents and topics related to it. I’m a new mom myself and I want to share my experiences so far with my kiddo. Is it gonna be too complicated if I write my stories about my pregnancy, the forst year of my kid, things I should have considered to to diffently and different phases of a toddler?
    I mean do I need to limit myself to only one of these topics?

    Thank you!!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You could do that as they are about new moms up through toddlers. It is if you continue to add more and more child content that it gets a bit muddled. But these all work well together.

      1. Hi Tracey thank you so much for writing this post I’m struggling with niching down. The problem is I blog about blogging and I cover blogging tips for complete beginners since that’s what i’m good at I’m an intermediate blogger so I can’t go beyond blogging for beginners
        And I also write about affiliate marketing tips for complete beginners. My affiliate marketing and blogging category gets traffic but they don’t make me consistent income.
        So I write WordPress tutorials most of them are for advanced bloggers I get paid to write the tutorials by 2-3 companies who sell plugins so these tutorials are for the plugins
        The tutorials make me more money than the other posts but the problem is they don’t bring in traffic from both pinterest and Google
        I’m afraid that if I have to niche down I might not get paid to write these tutorials but at the same time my readers and subscribers don’t care about them
        I’ve been blogging for over a year now and haven’t made it to $1k a month yet. I know if I niche down I will be telling a different story but I feel my blog is already a mess do you think it’s a good idea to start a different blog which is niched down to only beginner bloggers so that I can keep getting paid for tutorials on my other blog?

  4. Tracie Fobes says:

    The problem here is the mix of advanced and beginner content. It is tough to send emails and to market, as well as write for the single person.

    You have to look beyond the money in this case and focus on your reader. I get asked to write about things all of the time but they are not for my person. I have to pass for that reason. Same for you. And honestly, this is a wasted investment for the company paying you – as you get no traffic to those posts. That is not helpful.

    I would stop the sponsored content and focus on what you know. This is for the beginner blogger so don’t get swayed from that.

  5. What should I do with content that is getting some traffic from Google, but isn’t necessarily within the niche I am going towards? Should I just leave it until it loses favor with Google?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      If it is off-topic, I would still remove and then allow it to either 404 or redirect to other related types of posts. This helps Google to see that your site is not about “a” but rather “b.”

  6. This really helped me . I am brand new at blogging and trying to niche down. I am having a hard time doing this. I am wanting to write about self-improvement and I have a couple ideas onm what to niche down to but was wanting some advice. I was thinking about fort women reclaiming back their power from past trauma and abuse. The other one is helping people find their life purpose and meaning in life through self-improvement. Like learning about themselves.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I am glad that I could help! The more you focus on your reader the easier it is to really narrow that nche.

  7. Excellent article. Blogging for 9 years When niching down how do I pick the topics that I should be focusing. I write about nature inspired ideas for home such as making crafts, and decorating with nature inspired ideas. I end up writing about recycle and cleaning too. My niche is very small maybe that’s why I can’t get to 50,000 page views I’m always stuck at 15-20,000 per month for years. . Maybe it’s time to focus on a new blog with a better niche and just keep this blog on the side: I truly love cleaning and organizing. What do you think 🤔

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I would stick with only cleaning and organizing. That is going to make your blog more focused for both bloggers and Google.