1. Tracie,
    Thank you for this great post and reminder! Imposter syndrome is so sneaky and persistent at the same time.
    Your encouragement and example are much appreciated.

    This may seem silly but, as a proofreader and a writer, your writing is refreshing! I see so many bloggers who don’t proofread before they post and it’s a shame. Your post was delightful, insightful, and intelligently written. 😉

    1. You are so sweet! I appreciate your very kind words. You also nailed it — it IS sneaky — isn’t it?!?!

      And, I try to proof read – because nothing is more embarrassing than glaring typos and grammatical errors. 😉

    1. Thanks!! My goal with this site is to try to put my own experiences into the posts so that I can empower others to become successful.

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