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When you visit a website, you may see gorgeous photos that are perfectly styled and convey the right message. You are wondering where in the world are they finding them (as you know, they aren’t taking the photos themselves).


You’ve read that you shouldn’t use free images on your site (and that is true). You need to know that every image you use on your site can be shared there legally.

While it is good to avoid sites such as Pexels or Pixabay, there are options out there. The problem is finding the perfectly styled girly or feminine images you know you want to use.  It seems that the only way to get those is to pay for them.

That’s not the case at all!

Several sites offer the perfect image you need, and you don’t need to pay a dime to get them!  Check out this list of the best places to find free feminine and girly stock photos you can use on your blog.

1. Ivory Mix


Kayla Butler has some of the most gorgeous girly images that I’ve seen (hers are some of my favorites).  You can download more than 500 images, templates, and social media strategies on her site.

Once you get a taste for her freebies, She has a freebie download where you can get free images to use and free templates and strategies to use to boost your social media presence.

Head over to Ivory Mix and grab this free download.

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2. Katie Harp


Katie has some awesome images you can download and use for free.  Sign up for her list, and she’ll send the details over so you can access and download the images you want to use.

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3. Haute Stock

Another stock image site you can use is Haute Stock. While they have a paid membership program, you can get access to free images as well.  Select Free Resources from their menu to get signed up.

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4. Amanita Madura

When you sign up for her email list, you’ll get free images. And then, you will get free feminine images in your inbox every single month!

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5. PixiStock

You can grab the membership through PixiStock, or skip that and sign up for 30 days of images. Visit Pixistock to get signed up.

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6. Canva


One resource to use for your graphics is Canva.  You are limited with what you can use if you have a free account, but pro users have complete access to thousands of images you can use to create graphics on your site and pins.

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7. Helene In Between

Grab 15 stunning images for free when you sign up for her email list.  Click the banner in her post and fill out her form, and you’ll get the download.

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8. Louise Henry

If you love coffee, you need to grab these free images!  She’s got 10 gorgeous feminine + coffee images you can snag (and you don’t need to sign up for her list).

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9. City Girl Searching

You can download free photos when you join the City Girl Searching email list. Once you sign up, you’ll get 15 free images you can use on your blog and social media accounts.

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10. SC Stockshop

While they offer a membership, you can skip that and grab 20 free styled images through SC Stockshop. Fill out their form, and you’ll get them sent to your inbox.

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11. Create Her Stock

One beef I have with styled images is that they don’t always feature BIPOC.  You can find some gorgeous free images that do when you sign up for the newsletter with Create Her Stock.

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12. Moms Make Cents

Pop on over to Moms Make Cents and join McKinzine’s list. You’ll get 25 free feminine desktop-styled images to use on your blog, pins, and social media.

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13. Oh Tilly

Want three free photos every month?  Sign up with Oh Tilly, and you’ll not only get 15 free images as a gift but will be on the list to get images every single month!

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14. Stock by Jewels

These images are gorgeous and are perfect for your social media and blog. When you sign up for the Stock by Jewels email newsletter, you’ll get free images sent your way.

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15. Elle Drouin

Visit Elle Drouin and join her list to get 20 free feminine stock images to use.

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16. The Stock Boutique

Score more gorgeous girly photos to use on your Instagram feed, on your blog, and other social media accounts, all for free!  You’ll get access when you join The Stock Boutique newsletter.

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17. Hello You Designs

Hello You Designs has a library filled with freebies! Join their email list to get the password that you will need to access their awesome free stock images.

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18. Dabbles & Babbles


While it is not a huge library, you can snag 8 desktop photos to use on your site — for free from Dabbles & Babbles!  You don’t even need to sign up for a newsletter to get them — click the link in the article, and you’ll instantly download them.

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19. She Bold Stock


She Bold Stock is an image membership site filled with thousands of gorgeous girly images to download.  You can download 20 images for free (and see what types of images you will find).

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20. Create Her Stock


If you want to find more beautiful feminine images to download, visit Create Her Stock.   You will find images that feature women of color – which can be tough to find online.

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