1. I had no idea and I have been blogging for about 2 years part time. Blogging is so confusing and time consuming. I’m glad I found your site, I think it will be so helpful for me going forward. Thank you!

  2. This is the clearest post I have ever seen on the topic of follow/no follow links.

    Finally I now understand the whole thing better thanks to this article.
    Well done Tracie I’ll pin this in my blogging help board.

    1. Great! That is what I was trying to do – to make it very clear and understandable as it can be rather confusing.

  3. I just realized I hadn’t been adding “no follow” links in my post! ugh! Is it best to go back manually and change them? I fear this could be a huge project for this busy, limited time mama!

    1. I would not get too stressed about it right now. There is a site called The Blog Fixer who can do this for you if you would like.

      The thing is that Google is really smart and can read the difference between affiliate links and sponsored posts. As long as your sponsored posts are all no-follow I would not stress about it.

      But of course, you should no-follow them all going forward.

      1. Thank you for making a recommendation for a service that ensures compliance. I just purchased the No Follow service from The Bog Fixer.

        They offer an ongoing monitoring service for a monthly fee. In your opinion, is this a service worth investing in?

        1. Do you have another IT person you can go to when you need them? If not, a maintenance fee can be a good investment. I pay one. My guy is there when something happens and I can count on him to help me fix it.

  4. Wow, I had no idea it was so easy. I kept hearing about this and thought – I just can’t deal with anything else right now. Now, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t start sooner. Thanks for the simple breakdown – Tracie!

  5. This post was soooo helpful!! Thank you so much.

    I just have a question. As of now I am only an affiliate of Amazon, so although i didn’t add “nofollow” to my links it seems that I don’t have to go back and change anything if I am understanding correctly. I have one for Ebates, so I will go back and change just that one. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    MY question is: I use WP and have the Plugin “Ultimate Nofollow”. So If I decide to not use this going forward, if I deactivate it, after using it for months will it effect my excisting links in any way? Should. I just deativate it and forget about it?

    And if you don’t mind, can you please tell us, when you place the ”rel=”noopener nofollow“ in your links? Do you do it at the time that you place each link in your post or is there a better way?

    Thanks for always being so helpful!

    1. First off – I am very glad it is helpful! When I had that plugin and it no longer worked, it removed the links for me and I had to manually add them back in. If you do that and you see they disappear, do not panic.

      Google is pretty smart and usually ignores affiliate links anyhow. They can tell you are not using those to boost the ranking of another company. But, it is still good practice.

      The links that matter most of all are those where they pay for placement such as direct ads or sponsored posts. Those would be the ones I would make sure were nofollowed before worrying about affiliate links.

      As far as the timing, I just type my post and add all of my links. Then I toggle to text editor and go through to find all links that need no follow and add them at once.

      I use a tool on my Mac called text expander. I can create a shortcut so when I type a code it returns the phrase for me. For instance, when I type * nf (no space) it will return nofollow for me. So I can go thorugh and just type my simple code in each place and the full word populates. You can use shortkeys for this if you are on a PC.

      If there is a way I can help you save time – I’m all about helping!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And you are welcome! I try to do my best to make the details helpful as possible.

  6. Hi could you clarify when I should use the standard nofollow or sponsored versus the noopener and noreferrer versions? I’m confused by what the noopener and noreferrer means.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. You want noreferrer and noopener on all links – no mater what. They are to open in new pages and for security.
      Sponsored is where there is any money involved and nofollow is when. you link to someone but do not want to pass along link juice.

    1. So glad that this post was able otto help you with putting the right link in place! Best of luck with your sponsored work.

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