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    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are welcome!

  1. Great article,

    I hate emails that are all waffle with stories in them, – the other day, must tell you about, blah blah. Highly annoying, get to the point as I’m not interested in waffle and don’t have time in reading it.

    The only thing I’ll read is a business email or attachment requested.

    Otherwise these type of emails are deleted or unsubscribed.

    1. Yes.. I have to agree! I get really tired of all the weekly sales pitches.

      I do appreciate a heads up any bundles and stacks. Monthly newsletters would suit me much better than weekly. I finally had to spend a couple of hours cleaning up my email box. I had 7400 emails.. YIKES!

  2. GOOD STUFF! I have endeavored to do this. After 3 years, I have 2, 300 but they are loyal subscribers. I know my audience and only send 1x month for that reason. Then they look forward to it. I don’t have anything to sell yet, but have links to posts and now a video that is relevant to my blog and the crafts the subscribers want to learn about. I’m now getting a 42% open rate and 6.0% clicks on a video link. I’m starting to see patterns of what audience is most interested in. Last month was less than 1/2 link clicks, so not a subject that appealed as much. You hit and miss. But getting better at learning the ‘hits’.