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  1. Tracie, When you say copy and paste ALL of this, do you mean everything in pink in your screen shot above? Or just the tracking code? Thanks!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Just the tracking code from Google

      1. Enzo Leonardo says:

        This article brought to light a dilemma that I myself have come across when using WordPress: Jetpack. Although this plugin is presented as the complete solution for many features, the text makes us reflect on the real need for each of these features and how their inclusion can negatively impact the performance of our website.

  2. Thank you so much, Tracie! I had no idea about Jetpack. Will be taking care of this today.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You aren’t alone. Most people have no idea about JetPack.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Glad you found it helpful!

  3. Really helpful post Tracie, thanks!

    I have a question for you about backups…

    I’m with Siteground, who say they take care of daily backups. So, do I still need a backup plugin?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You will want to make sure they are doing full database backups of everything and that you have easy access to it if you need to use it. If so then you do not need a secondary backup.

  4. Took it off. I’m redoing my entire site and always wondered about Jetpack. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hey, Tracie, thanks for this great article. I have Jetpack installed but I don’t use all of the features. I use insert headers and footers and looked at the code that is there. The Tracking ID is buried in there but there is also a lot more code as well as the words “Google Analytics”. I think I set this up years ago and cannot remember exactly where this information came from. Can I assume this is set up correctly? I also use VaultPress but it looks like Jet Pack is also backing things up. I’m wondering if the backup that Jet Pack is making is the same backup that VaultPress is doing? Sorry for rambling but I thought I would run this past you to get your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      What you have sounds correct! Just make sure you have the UA-xxxx in there as that is the code Google looks for. VaultPress is parrt of JetPack so that may be what you see. I’d drop that and go wtih UpDraft Plus (They have a sale right now) as that way you can drop all of JetPack with confidence.

  6. Do I need to add all of those other plugins before I get rid of Jetpack? I’m so afraid I will mess something up.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I know it is scary. I would uninstall JetPack first. Then add each of the others.

  7. Hi Tracie so I deleted my jetpack but do I need to delete Exact Matrics a well cause now I have an error multiple tracking codes. Thanks.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Yes – you should not need both.

  8. What about subscribers..?
    I have about 300 via jetpack So how to save them and add show new subscriptions message?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You only have permission to send them updates, not emails. So you’ll need to do a post to ask people who are following you to sign up for your emails – so they get that alert.

      Due to GDPR and CAN-SPAM laws, they ahve to give consent for these types of emails so you have to ask them directly.

  9. Hi Tracie,
    if Jetpack is uninstalled what should we use to monitor website’s uptime (Jetpack monitor that)?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Check with your host about what they offfer.

  10. Thank you, Tracie, for this helpful article. I followed the steps and removed the Jet Pack plugin.
    I went to look at how many modules were within Jet Pack, and there were at least 15 of them.
    My website has been running slow the past month, and I was hoping that by removing Jet Pack,
    this would help. I think I still need to find a new hos,t as Blue Host is not optimal if I want to grow
    and scale with my blog.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      That is a lot for sure! It is possible that there was some code left behind in your database and so that would need to be cleaned up. As for how to do that? It’s above my pay grade. ;-). I really can’t tell you that process but that would be something else you will want to look into.

  11. I setup Google Analytics from within Google. When I view the source code of my pages I am seeing the following:

    Does this mean it is setup correctly?

    I also have MonsterInsights .. which I think came with the theme I am using.
    It keeps reminding me to connect it to my Google Analytics.
    Should I go ahead and do that?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      That looks good! I would also delete Monster Insights as you do not need that on your site (it is also not a plugin I recommend).

      1. Why do you not recommend monster insights?

        1. Tracie Fobes says:

          I have seen it fail. It is also just one more thing that can slow your site. It is always best to directly connect your site to Google directly.

  12. Hi Tracie!

    Great advice! What do you use for related posts? Or do you not bother?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Link to those you want in your content – do not let a plugin do this. The reason is that it is better for SEO to link to your content within the article to get that related content juice you ened.

  13. Hi Tracie,
    I am a beginner blogger and also not tech savvy. I followed all your steps in what to do to replace jetpack. But I can’t figure out how to disable jetpack. I’m on

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You should just be able to select disable and then at the top of the plugins page, select Delete. That should take care of it for you.

  14. I can’t tell you how helpful this has been, Tracie. Thank you so much!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I am so happy to hear this!!

  15. Hi Tracie, thanks for the info. I’m currently working on getting rid of jetpack. I’m wondering about the things like “Comments, notifications, lazy load, tiled galleries, secured sign on” and few other things I didn’t see mentioned. Do we find alternative plugins to replace them or are they not important, hence the reason you did not mention any of them?

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Use the native comments on WordPress as that is fine as you can get those notifications. Security is best with something like WordFence. I do not use lazy load and it is really something that only pic heavy sites should consider and then use the Lazy Load plugin. Hope that helps!!

  16. I uninstalled jetpack before I read your blog because it was strangely removing images on front end after I selected optimise images and site accelerator. even after disabling those nothing changed and the jetpack fsvicon started showing up on my site. very useless plugin indeed.

  17. Jason McGathey says:

    Hi Tracie, this has been very helpful. One additional thing I’m wondering about is, what would you recommend for displaying your follower count? Jetpack would at least show this as a grand total in the sidebar. The plugins I’ve looked at all want to break this out by source – 100 followers on Facebook, 200 from Twitter, 50 email signups, etc – which I think looks kind of tacky. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Those followers are only through WordPress – you don’t want that. You need subscribers to your list (which you own). I would not even worry about your follower counts as it is not a metric that indicates success.

  18. Hello Tracie, Thanks for sharing my thoughts 🙂 I’m also not a big fan of JetPack, I tried using it on my website and it didn’t work with some other plugins not to mention all those bloats it carries with it. I’ve to ditch it finally.

  19. Matthew McCormick says:

    Loved your article. I use GoDaddy managed WordPress. I’m a little nervous about GoDaddy. They seem to abandon all responsibility when something goes wrong and don’t seem to understand I pay them for a reason and receiving good and fair compensation explicitly involves taking responsibility for your service. GoDaddy advertises 30 day restore. Do you think this is sufficient? Can I trust them. I have spent ten years building my blog. I could not imagine losing it. Jetpack? Blogvault? Thank you.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I honestly feel GoDaddy is expensive and is not the best. I would consider moving to BigScoots as they do the same thing….and are much better (without the nickel and diming). I would also never rely only on my host for backups. Get UpDraftPlus. That is one of the best options.

  20. I removed jetpack from my website. The things that bothered me are the loss of connection with the WordPress account to automatically publish on social networks and the not being able to clear the cache.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You can clear your cache with another caching plugin (WP Rocket is one that is excellent). As far as publishing on social, you really don’t want to just push it out and it is best to add custom text. There are sites, suck as HootSuite or SmarterQue which will publish for you.

  21. There is no option to delete or deactivate under Jetpack plugin! How aggravating!!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Hmmm…..that is odd! Are you on the free WordPress version or are your self-hosted?

      1. Unfortunately, on the free version of wordpress it is not possible to remove jetpack and for some themes there is no possibility to add a contact form.

        I also confirm that on the free version, Jetpack is particularly inaccurate. It counts one stats out of ten when it does…

        1. Tracie Fobes says:

          Just another reason why I always recommend not using free WordPress. It is so limiting.

  22. Hi Tracie,
    This is the most valuable article I have found on WP & Jetpak, thank you.
    I’m ready to launch and was just working through plugging and when I go to disconnect jetpack I get this message:
    Jetpack is currently powering features on your site. Once you disconnect Jetpack, these features will no longer be available and your site may no longer function the same way.
    Contact Form Feedback Form submissions stored by Jetpack 7
    Image Hosting Super-fast, mobile-ready images served by Jetpack 12

    Is this going to mess with the post that is ready to go?

    Thanks, Gael

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      As long as you have already activated the other plugins you need, you will be set and can get rid of that plugin.

  23. Hi Tracie. Thank you for this clear information. I have been having compatibility issues involving Jetpack and been wondering if I really need it. Will be taking a closer look. Thank you again.

  24. Do you have any suggestions for security for WP? Also, any ways to make Jetpack stop asking you to install it? Since Jetpack is so deeply ingrained with WP and with Woocommerce? Thanks so much.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I would stick with WordFence. If you use Woo, put that onto a subdomain (and I know many who use Woo without Jetpack)

  25. I made a MISTAKE and procrastinated to remove Jetpack after reading this, after writing a post, I used a Jetpack feature and it made an error to the post and completely destroyed

  26. Hard disagree. I love Jetpack. I have several websites and all of them have Jetpack installed. My main website has hundreds of pages and typically loads in about 600ms. I am able to monitor and manage several websites at once with the Jetpack app on my mobile phone. Jetpack is constantly updated and provides so many useful features. You are right that the average user does not need even close to all they offer. But the social sharing, the ability notify subscribers of new posts simply, the ability to have readers subscribe to comment threads, Akismet (spam protection), Jetpack Protect, related posts, etc. etc. Jetpack is my favorite plugin and while I’m not a professional, I’ve been managing about 5-10 websites for the last 15 years and Jetpack simply makes my life easier. Big Jetpack fan here.

  27. Vineet Hejib says:

    Hi Tracie

    Nice article!

    Jetpack has a killer feature in paid plan. Real Time backup
    Real Time backup is must in ecommerce website.

    What alternatives you recommend here? I don’t think Updraft plus supports Real Time backup.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I have never used Realtime backup or worried about it. Most that I’ve seen do daily.

  28. Hi Tracie, I’m Suyogya, a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack and more. I read your post, and noticed the couple of downsides you’ve mentioned on using Jetpack are completely incorrect, and I’d love to provide some clarity.

    Firstly, Jetpack only loads the modules you have activated which means if you have a module that’s deactivated, it simply does not load on your site. On a self-hosted site, you’re 100% able to choose which modules you’d like activated and which you wouldn’t. Even on a site, you have some level of control on which modules you’d like to keep active, but Jetpack can’t completely be deactivated since it acts as a bridge between our infrastructure and WordPress based sites hosted with us.

    Secondly, Jetpack has it’s own stats system – it records stats independently of Google Analytics. It does, however, allow you to pull in Google Analytics stats with ease if that’s more aligned with what you’d like to do as you’ll see here:

    All of your other points seem to be personal preferences on using different plugins for different things, which could actually add on to load speeds a lot more as opposed to using an optimized plugin that allows you to efficiently disable/enable modules as needed. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions I can help provide clarity on 🙂



  29. > Most of the time, you will probably only need a few of the modules. The majority of users do not even need 90% of what JetPack offers. You don’t need it.

    Jetpack indeed comes with modules, and not everybody needs all the modules. From what you wrote, it feels like there’s no way to eliminate them, which is incorrect.

    In Jetpack, you can disable the modules you do not want to use, not loading them entirely and only keeping the ones you truly use. If you don’t need 90% of the modules, disable them and keep what you want.

    Also, you recommend disabling modules in favor of separate plugins for the same features. Could you explain how that is different or better than having just one plugin with modules that you can enable/disable as you need? Considering also that with modules, you only load the module you need, while with a separate plugin you might be adding other features from that plugin that you do not need either.

    As Eric said in another comment above, Jetpack is not necessarily the source of performance issues. I have a blog and an eCommerce with Jetpack, and the first content load is 0.7s, while the entire page loads in 1.6s. Google Lighthouse marks my site with Jetpack at 94/100 performance. I did work on lots of optimization, but I never touched Jetpack, indicating indeed that it is not a cause of performance issues generally. And I only keep active the modules I use.
    Of course, like any other plugin, it could be, but saying generally that it is, is incorrect.