1. With SendOwl you say in the pros its free, but in the pricing section it’s now. Tad confusing. Thank for the great comparisons though!!

  2. Ebooks have taken over the internet and now businesses even investing in ebooks to give a positive boost to their business. I even recently hired contentdevelopmentpros .co .uk to write ebooks for me. Definitely check them out.

  3. Hey! Tracie, thank you so much for sharing insights about various platforms… honestly, I was quite confused.

    Just one question, How to connect with Stripe?? And will it take comission even if I set up UPI transaction?
    Please, let me know.


    1. Stripe always has a fee to use its service. I have never found any way around that. I just chalk it up to part of doing business and being able to accept credit card payments as a convenience for my customers.

  4. If I open an Etsy shop, so when I list my product, do I have to pay listing price before? or It’ll get managed when I make a sale?

  5. So if I read the Etsy part right they charge a total of 8.5 % on the sales so they are charging $7.25 total for a sale on an $8.00 product? Is that right?

  6. Hi Tracie, Thanks a lot for the sharing this insight. I was searching for this input. Just one question which app to use for sell printable if we are using Shopify.

    1. Shopify has many apps you can use but you really don’t need any of them to get started. I do like the review app Stamped.io as it is really good for that purpose.

  7. This was really helpful as I’m working on getting my Christmas printables going. Think I’ll just start with Etsy. I’m a new blogger, so don’t yet have the traffic or email list for the others. Your list took the confusion out of the mix for later on!

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