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You’ve done it!  That epic blog post is finished.  You did the proper keyword research, proofed, edited and hit the publish button!


But, do you know what you do next?

Your blog post is not the next field of dreams.  Just because you wrote it does not mean “they will come.”  Not even close.

Chances are you put your blog post onto social media – once.  That’s it.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

The truth is you will spend 20% of your time writing and the other 80% promoting it.


Yes. Really.

Even an article that is perfectly optimized for organic search must still be promoted.  How do you do that?  Let’s go through everything you need to do as soon as you hit publish.


How to promote your blog posts

1. Re-read and edit

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect.  And, even if we have edited our posts a few times, there may be things we missed.

Once the post is on your site, open and look at it as a reader.  Things to look at include:

  • Does it flow well?
  • Is there enough white space?
  • Are the ads (if any) interfering with reading?
  • How many internal links are there?
  • Is it free of typos and errors?

Spend a few minutes checking the article again before you begin promoting it to others.


2. Create a pinnable image and share on Pinterest

While you can pin any image onto Pinterest, the truth is that the right image is how you find success.  A simple square image of a pencil and paper does not tell the user what the article is about.  However, that same image with a title that reads “The Ten Mistakes You Are Making on Your Budget” will.

Pinterest is an easy way to get traffic. However, you need to create the right pinning strategy.  If you are new to using the platform, Precision Pinning will give you everything you need to know to get started on the right foot.

You will want to schedule the pin to each related board you belong to so it is shared every day or two. Newer pins can do better on Pinterest, so make sure you promote it several times over a week.


3. Promote your blog post on Facebook

You may have a Facebook page and believe that is where you should post it. Sure, it may be helpful but the truth is pages are tough to get much reach on any more.  You may try your group instead.

A Facebook group is a community where you can talk with and connect to those who follow your content.  A group is a much more effective method than the page.

I’m not saying not to put your content onto your page. Not at all.  However, if you have a group make sure you promote it there as well.


4. Email your list

People have signed up for your newsletter as they want to keep up to date with your content.  That means you should email them!  But, don’t say “here is my latest post” and drop a link. How boring is that?

Start with a subject line that makes them want to click!  It needs to make them so interested that they can’t help but open the email.

When you write the email, grab one thought about the article and discuss that.  Go into detail and give them a link to read more.  That gets you traffic back to your article.


5. Share your blog post on Twitter

If you Tweet then share!  Even though tweets have a short life span they can be effective. However, don’t tweet it only once.  Share it few times on Twitter over 24 – 48 hours using different titles and text.

You will also want to use the right hashtags to ensure your content is discovered.  And then, if someone retweets make sure to thank them and to engage in conversations.


6. Respond to comments

Whether the comment is on Facebook, your blog post or another social platform, be sure you respond.  When you talk to others who have taken the time to comment, it shows you care. It is how you make connections.

People want to be a part of something.  A simple response to their comments can make that happen.  That person will be more interested in reading, sharing and commenting on your other articles, turning them into a raving fan.


7. Repurpose your content

A smart way to make your articles do even more is to use the content in creative ways. How do you do this?  It is pretty simple:

  • Use a quote to make a meme
  • Create a video around the content
  • Write another article as a spin-off from this on
  • Use a single line from the article to use on social media status and tweets

You’ve put thought into writing the article  — grab pieces of it to get people interested and want to read what you have to share.


8. Add the article to your social calendar

You can’t share your article one time and think that is enough.  It is not. You need to share it again and again.

Grab your social media calendar and add the new article to the schedule.  Be sure you share it every few months to get those clicks.  For Pinterest, that means 4 months and other social shares should happen

Don’t worry that the same readers will see it again and again as they will not.  Social media does not always show us the same content again and again.  And, even if they do, they will more than likely not remember reading it previously.


9. Go Live on Facebook

A great way to get interest and buzz going about a new article is to go Live on Facebook!  Share a few tidbits about the article with your fans and they will want to click over to read more.


10. Create an Instastory

Grab your phone and share something on Instagram. It could be an image or short video.  Make sure you mention the article and if you have swipe-up available (10,000 followers required) make sure to link to the article.

You may also want to make it a highlight on your profile or do a standard Instagram post.  Make sure you use the relevant hashtags so others can find your epic content.


11. Monitor Analytics

It is important to understand how the post is received by your audience.  At the 7 – 10 day mark analyze your analytics.

  • What type of engagement did it get on social media?
  • How many clicks did it get?
  • Did you get conversions to your list or product?
  • What worked and did not?

If it did not give you the results you wanted it may mean you need to edit the post or the image you share on social. However, if it worked in the way you hoped, use that as a template to replicate for other content and social promotion.

Don’t think that hitting the publish button is the end — it is only the beginning!

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