They said “start a blog it will be easy.”  They talked about “how simple it is to make money.”  In theory it sounds great.  But, the truth is that learning how to truly blog can be challenging!

You have probably never run a blog before and trying to figure out how to add a plugin, theme or what you should or should not do is overwhelming – to say the least.  It is the one piece everyone happens to forget.

Setting up the blog is the easy part.  Learning how to run it is an entirely different thing.


Ask any blogger what they find to be the most challenging when learning to blog and they’ll tell you it is understanding how to use their site.  There is a lot that goes into it.  You need to use plugins, learn basic coding and figure out how to add an image.

Then there is the lingo.  Blogging uses language you’ve probably never heard before. It can be enough to drive you crazy.

Let’s make this simple for you! Check out the articles and resources available to help you figure out this crazy, albeit fun, side of blogging.


When the how to part of blogging is too much, you need help.  Whether is understanding how to add or update plugins or even add an image to your blog post, the Blogging Playbook shows you how.

It is the course that picks up where the others leave off.  You won’t learn the same “how to start a blog” steps in this course.  It starts right after adding WordPress to your site so you know what to do next.

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You need to be able to analyze the traffic coming to your website. The most accurate way to do so is by using Google Analytics.

However, navigating and understanding what everything means poses quite a challenge.  Blog Analytics simplifies it all in a way that makes sense.  Easy to follow instructions and how-to guides so you can read and analyze what is working – and is not!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how your site is found on Google.  It is more than just writing a blog post and hoping Google will show it.  You must take the steps to make sure that you set your post up properly right from the start.