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    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are weclome! I am glad I was able to help!

  1. What a great resource Tracie! Thanks so much for compiling so many affiliates in one place!!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Thanks so much! I want everyone making LOTSA money!!!!!

    2. Savanah Duffy says:

      Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY what I needed!!! Thank you so much for putting this together for us ????

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      That is why I did it – to help make your life a little bit easier!

  2. Thanks Tracie once again another fantastic resource ????

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are weclome – glad I was able to help!

  3. Sam Narzary says:

    People would be charging for this. But you didn’t ! You are so helpful as usual. Thank you !

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Thanks Sam! I thought about it but decided that it was too important not to just give to people. 🙂

  4. Yay good stuff here Tracie especially for those of us in self-help who have such a hard time finding good programs to promote.

    I was over checking in travel as well (for my other site) and noticed that Kayak has a 30 minute cookie! wth? Hurry and click buy NOW!!!! Lol

  5. Thank you so much for this list Tracie! This is definitely one to save a refer to when the time comes for me to begin affiliate marketing.

  6. Thank you soooo much, Tracie!! What a goldmine of resources. I appreciate your time and effort for compiling this list!

  7. michelle ray says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this blog because I do not like Amazon but felt it might be the best starting place for me….even though some of the products I will recommend a professional-grade and may not be on Amazon or may not be sold through authorized retailers. thank you for this time saving article!!

  8. Sabrina Yarsley says:

    Holy cow, this is an amazing resource! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are so welcome!

  9. I didn’t realize my Cricut could get such a high affiliate payout, thanks!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Crazy – isn’t it?! 😉

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are very welcome Kristen

  10. Hi Tracie.
    This list is such a life saviour.
    Thank you very much for sharing such a comprehensive list.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Glad that I was able to help!

  11. Thanks Tracie! You had a lot of self-care ones that I haven’t seen before. Great list!

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are welcome – best of luck to you!!!

  12. What a great resource Tracie! Thank you so much, it’s definitely helped to take the edge off the overwhelm I was feeling.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      I am glad this list of affiliate partners for your parenting blog was help!!

  13. This is a super helpful list. I’m going to see if I get accepted into shareasale. That would help.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      Best of luck to you! Finding the right affiliate program often means you need to get in with a quality network. Fingers crossed it works!

  14. Tracie
    This post is a wonderful resource that is motivating me to explore affiliate programs. Thank you so much! I need this.

    1. Tracie Fobes says:

      You are ost welcome! I know how tough it is to figure out which programs are good for your blogging niche.

  15. Thanks for sharing this lovely resource with your readers. I found a few possibilities for my blog. I’m primarily a book blogger with a little food & crafting thrown in.

  16. thank you very much for this Tracie. I have a travel content ranking on the first page but don’t know what to put as an affiliate, then suddenly your email came and the first on the list are travel affiliate programs! you are indeed heaven-sent!

    1. Tracie Fobes says: