Starting a blog is the first step.  But, what happens after that?  How in the world to you handle all of the things you need to do? And what all must you do to run a successful blog?


There is a lot to do to run your blog.  A LOT.  And if you aren’t organized and productive you will find yourself struggling to get it all done.

So, how in the world DO bloggers manage everything that needs to be done?  Simple.  They are organized and productive.  That is key to knowing what to do every day when you sit down to work.

Don’t try to juggle all 20 balls in the air. You will drop them and then end up getting nothing done.


Want to know my secrets to getting everything done? That’s what you will learn in Productivity Planner!  Determine when something has the right return on your investment and if you should work on it or not.

Know how to plan your days so you know exactly what to do, each and everytime you sit down at your laptop.  I even have SAMPLE schedules you can follow whether you are in your first month or fifth year of blogging.

Don’t try to figure out how to do it all on your own.  Implement the systems and methods I’ve used for the past 10+ years of blogging so that I not only get everything done on my site, but have time to enjoy my family and friends!

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You’ve got it all set up so now comes the fun part – -blogging!!  That is more than creating opt-ins and the like. It is about the things you need to do on your site so people will read your content.  After all, that’s why they are visiting!!


Blogging is not easy. Not even close.  Knowing you are not alone will help you stay the course and (hopefully) keep you motivated so you don’t want to quit!

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