1. I don’t know how people make money off it. I have been stuck at $30 for like 2 years. Now I switched to WordPress, half the time I just see a blank box where my ad should be. Love Google but not one of their best for bloggers

    1. Oh gosh, that stinks! And yes, Google Adsense seems to be what everyone thinks you need – but it is sooooo not good!

  2. Tracie, normally I agree with everything you say, but $50 a day is $1500 a month. Not everyone would call that an insulting income. I understand that if you have enough traffic to earn that kind of money, you would be better off going to a more lucrative ad network.

    But not all of us do. Some of us struggle along for years, never reaching the required 50K visits per month for the big companies. $1500 a month does not seem insulting to us.

    1. Oh gosh – that was a typo! It is $50 a month (if you are lucky). Not $50 a day. WOOPS! Will get that updated asap!! That is why it is not worth it. All that for $50 a month It will take more than 2 months to even hit the threshold to be eligible for payment and then another 30 days before it shows in your account. T

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