1. Going rogue! I’m trying NOT to do that anymore. I have refined my focus to four main categories, with sub-categories under them. Everything I write about must fit into one of them. If It doesn’t I shouldn’t be writing it!

    1. YES!!!! It is so easy to want to blog about something random, but when you do that your readers think “WHAT THEY HECK!?!?” Definitely make sure that every post you do fits with your site and do not deviate from that.

  2. This is a great list! I’m in my first week of actual blogging, and second including research and setting stuff up. These are things I’ll keep in mind. Thanks!

  3. I made some of these blogging mistakes when I was just starting out on my blogging journey, but with time I have learned from other bloggers and through my own research how to succeed online by avoid making these mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks!! Lifestyle can be a bit too broad but it can work for some. If you don’t see results in your first year, then maybe niching down is a good idea.

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