1. Thank you for a great resource. It would be a great idea to include a section on using Mailerlite and Mailchimp to grow your email list. Many new bloggers start with these ESPs as they are free.

    1. Thanks Tracie, great post on printables and email lists. I do agree with Poovanesh, if you have the time. Those low subscriber, free starter accounts are ideal for beginners.

  2. Tracie – that part about converting your PDF to JPG. Another way to do it is bring your PDF up on the screen so you see all of it. Then in Windows use the Snipping Tool to grab a copy and save that as a JPG. Same goes for Mac (whatever the Mac screen snip tool is).


  3. Tracie!

    You’re my girl! By reading your tutorial I was able to get what I needed done. You are a lifesaver! Thank you!

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