You want traffic.  After all, that is how you make money through ads, affiliates and your own products or services.  Your email list is a direction connection to your reader.

Sure, Pinterest and organic traffic are great, but you can’t control those algorithms.  Once slight change and your traffic can disappear in the blink of an eye.  You own your list and no one can take away that connection.


You know you need to get people onto your list, but how?  Unfortunately, adding a “sign up for updates” link will not work.  It just won’t.  You have to make it worth the readers time before they will hand over their precious email address to you.


When you are ready to dig in your heels and grow a profitable list then you ned to sign up for List Growth.  The course walks you through every step involved in setting up  your email.  You’ll find out which provider is best, how to sign up, create an freebie, add links to your content and more!  You’ll even get a free welcome squence you can use on your site!

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