1. I am concerned about the counseling niche. I am a therapist but only licensed in one state. It isn’t legal to practice outside my state. How does one blog about that ? Can I just discuss my area of expertise and go from there?

    1. That is a really grey area as when it comes to advice such as that it could border on legal issues. You can discuss what you offer and do generict types of posts but you can’t give any one – on – one help without making sure you are properly licensed. I would reach out to your state board to get more clarification.

  2. This is probably one of my problems. What I know the most about.. I no longer have a passion for. The two things I have a passion for do not go together in any way. I don’t want to niche one and I am not sure how to niche the other. The name of my blog is vague on purpose and that is probably not helping me at all. After a year at this.. I am just more confused.

    1. I would look at both niches and decide which you love the most. Then, think about your reader and wahta it is they need. How can you serve them under that niche. What is their struggle?

  3. Thanks for this post! I am blogging about education, mostly for K-2 . My daughter and I have a store with online resources. Is blogging about all the subjects too broad? Should we focus on just reading or just math? I have taught all these subjects in k-2 for over 30 years, so I have a lot of experience.
    We are just wondering if we aren’t niching down enough?

  4. Wow, what an excillent exprement for choosing a profitable blogging niche! Thank you for sharing the post that is really helpful for all who desire to start the blogging journey

  5. Thanks for this post. It helps me to find more about my niche. I’m running a blog called Ambivert Traveler. But I have a lot of topics in my mind. Actually I want to talk about Travel, Personal Thoughts, Lifestyle, and also Arts. Do you thinks blogging about all the topics are too broad?

    1. That is really quite a bit. You want to find a way that your topics all relate to travel. For example, if it is art, it would be the art museums, artists, mediums, etc for that area of travel.

  6. This is amazing content, thank you so much Tracie for all of this information. I have a question, on the section of BUSINESS TOPICS.
    The niche Blogging is too broad, so we can say blogging for new bloggers, who haven’t started yet is niching down.

    1. Yep! That is what you would want to do. Think about the blogger you want to help and then that helps you better define your niche.

  7. Hello,
    I’m thinking about starting my blog about “ party planning” and wondered if that is too broad of a niche or if it’s okay and the types of parties be the micro-niche subjects connected to my blog? For example: My blog would be about Party Planning in general ( like, how to plan the perfect party on a budget) and in that blog will be different types of party topics ( like Halloween parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties…)
    Is that way too broad aid a topic? Would it be more profitable if I only wrote about a certain type of party ( like only birthdays) ? Thanks so much for your advice 🌸

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