1. What about bloggers with small but engaged readership? I don’t think it’s all about numbers I’ve worked with amazing brands who approached me and they’ve offered fantastic prices because they love my writing style and photography. If I followed this I’d be charging less than ten dollars!! Just a thought!

    1. That is your BASE rate. In the sponsored post guideline download (see above), I go through other ways to review and increase your rate. I also am very clear that you should never, ever charge less than $250 for a sponsored post.

      Download that guide to learn more about how to really calculate your sponsored post rate – it has lots of good nuggets.

  2. Hey Tracie,

    Nicely described. The calculation is really very helpful to others bloggers. Also, the PA & DA can add value to the sponsored post. What do you thinking? Thanks for the share…

    Apsawra Liza

    1. I set it as a fixed amount. If someone wants multiple posts, you can negotiate the rate and payment details accordingly.

        1. Why do you feel that is the case? It is not too much. These advertisers will take advantage of you if you let them. $250 is perfectly reasonable. Why? Because it is on your site for life. 😉 Do not undersell yourself!

    1. You are very welcome! And, that is what I was trying to do – to give someone all of the information they needed in one post.

  3. Is the charge of $250 no high for a new blog with few posts and engagemen? how can you charge for those? Does location/country play a role in pricing?

    1. Location can definitely play a role. Companies have an advertising budget so they will pay. They also have to keep in mind that the content is on your site forever. So they pay now and it will get eyes on it for a long, long time.

  4. Hi Tracie,
    Thank you for this article, it is very helpful. I am just starting out so am doing a lot of reading/research. I find all your remarks in Carly’s blogging to be so beneficial! Thanks for your willingness to help other bloggers. Have a great 2019!

    1. Thanks Julie! Bloggers should all be willing to help one another when they can. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to email me!

  5. This was really helpful. It can be so hard knowing what to charge. This gave me the needed push to set a rate that is fair for all the time I invest in sponsorships.

    1. You could probably get at least 2 – 4x that amount! I would try to charge much more than you are.

    1. Yes. That is part of it. That is why the calculator also includes different tiers and features that take all of that into consideration.

  6. Hi thanks for shared amazing information about sponsored post, I just a beginner and searching information about the said activity, If you want to give me some hidden tips, I shall appreciate you that straggle,
    So, really appreciate you if you kindly provide some hidden and useful tips on my email,

    1. Sign up for the free course in the email so you can learn even more! I share some great things there that are not in this post.

    2. Hi, when doing a sponsored post am I to just price the post based on the regular post through my initial following, or do I consider doing the IG promotion thing that will include the “read more” or “shop now” etc bar/button at the bottom of said post to reach a larger audience?

      If doing the IG promotion is to be considered, what should I put since you can go as little as $1 a day for advertising?

      So the content creating to be sponsored, plus doing the IG promotion once it’s posted….is what I’m trying to ask.

      1. It is the price with the initial following. The advertiser will tell you how much to put behind the ad and you can add that in. So, the rate includes both together.

        Let’s say your rate is $300 for the post and $150 for the ad. The rate would be $450.

  7. Nice post – thanks! One offer I had from a company recently was that they would pay for a sponsored post but would also pay me a nice commission for every customer I referred from the sponsored post. Because of this I was OK with a lower rate for the sponsored post (but still very fair). Over the longer term I think that I will benefit way more from having those affiliate links in the sponsored content.

    1. I have also done that myself! It is one of the strategies I have used to negotiate with potential sponsors – and it works great! Glad to hear others are doing the same!!

  8. Great info Tracie.

    I’m currently researching what rate to set for sponsored posts on my blog.

    Love the idea of using tiered pricing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad it was helpful! The funny thing is that no one ever buys the bottom tier – they all go for the middle! 😉

  9. Tracie, thanks for this awesome post. I never knew the sponsored link should have code for Google crawler. I am also just leaning the pricing formula too. Fantastic post.

  10. Tracie, thank you soooo much. When you are applying to be accepted to a sponsored post network, what kind of information are they looking for? Does it have to do with a social media following? Thank you again for this posy.

    1. It is a mix of your audience and social. You may not make as much when you have smaller followings (when using those networks), but it is a great way to dip your toes into sponsored posts and then have samples to show other potential sponsors.

  11. This is an amazingly thorough post. Some day I would love to do sponsored posts although it makes me rather nervous. My traffic isn’t very big yet though. I did reach out a few months ago to a company and since then have been waiting to build up my traffic before doing so again. Thanks for the great info. I’ll definitely be back to read it again when I get my traffic up enough to try again.

    1. It may sound scary but it isn’t. They are easy as you get told what to write about – which helps! Get that traffic and your social accounts built up a little and then give it a shot!

  12. Thank you for the post it didnt tell me eactly what to charge but it gave me a mindset. My site is a football niche site, almost everyone is doing it but its a selling market for bookmakers and sports advisors so it I will go for 100$ per article and give a discount on multiple.

    1. I would never charge only $100 for a post! I say in the article to always charge at least $250 – that is your starting point. Grab the calculator in the shop to get a better estimate for your site.

  13. Hi Tracy! I love how you pack so much info into your training post. I haven’t pressed the button yet on my website but I am almost ready. I have a set goal and reading is learning for now. I like your courses and have also added Learn Grow Earn sessions! My goal is to reach good numbers by September to start asking for affiliate sponsors while building a new home. Thanks
    Congratulations on your Chiefs!

    1. Thank you! I want to give you as much information as I can so it makes sense and it easy to understand. I love your goal – that makes so much sense!!

      And thanks — we are pretty proud here in KC!!!

  14. Thanks so much for the great article! 🙂
    A question, I see in the comments you say the links will be on the site for life, should one ever rather enforce a time limit on the links, eg. saying the links will be dofollow in the sponsored post article for say a year or 2, depending on the amount paid?

    Then also, when these agencies come to bloggers for sponsored posts, usually they want do follow links right, but according to google one should tag these as ‘rel=”sponsored”‘. Should we exclude this attribute if they will only offer the sponsored post without the attribute?

    I hope it all makes sense 🙂

    1. You are weclome! You would need to put it in your contract if the post will come down at any time. The links will always be tagged as sponsored as that never changes…that will not go away.

      if someone aks you for a do follow link – run! Do not engage with them. They know what they are doing. 😉

  15. Hello Tracie,
    thanks for this great article! It is very informative and solves many of my questions. I have many offers every month for sponsored posts but they are not willing to pay a lot, no more than $150. All they ask for do-follow links. So in sponsored posts we should never put do-follow links? Until now I published only one sponsored post because I am skeptical about the effect that would have on my website. What about the articles with affiliate links? Does Google consider them as sponsored posts too? And how much this affect my rankings? Many questions, sorry 🙂 You are doing a great job!

    1. You should never accept a post with a do-follow link when you are paid. That is paying for placement and is against the TOS for Google.

      Affiliate links are all nofollowed (or actually have the rel=”sponsored” tag) already so that is not an issue.

      1. Hi Tracy!
        Can’t get enough but feeling a BIT overwhelmed
        I’m just venturing out and wanted to gauge how many blog posts you created before sponsors even became a possibility ? I’m guessing the short answer is –
        “As many as it takes” but was curious if I needed 500 or 5000 post before considering or reaching out to potential support from sponsors ?
        Love the post, thank you so much!

        1. It can be confusing to know when is the right time. I recommend at least 1000 engaged social followers and then at least 5000 pv a month.

  16. Hello Tracie, I have gain alot about sponsored post and have idea of what to charge. But what I don’t is, if I should include do-follow in the sponsor post? Because I got an email of a sponsored post with do-follow included. Should I include in the article?

    1. Never include do-follow links when you are paid to write about someone. That is against the Google TOS.

      Since you must disclose the relationship, Google will see the links do not have the proper tag on them and it can result in a manual action and you really do not want that.

      If they say they want a do-follow link, you need to either email back to tell them they must be tagged as a sponsored link and that if they do not want that, then you cannot work with them.

      They know this. They are trying to do what they want and not follow the rules. 😉

  17. Hi Tracie Fobes,

    Very nice article, neat, clear and crispy to the point, I think you are supposed to be a very good professor 🙂 . I just want to say thank you for giving such a wonderful article. will be in touch for regular updates

  18. Thank you for the article Tracie. I bought a mom blog earlier this week and I keep getting reqeusts for sponsored posts but have no idea where to start. I never thought of joining a network- this would be a great income booster. Thanks again!

  19. Hi Tracie! This article blew me away! It never occurred to me to charge at least 250. Wow. Question: how do these sites benefit from a link marked nofollow and sponsored? I ask because every time I get a request they always want the dofollow and for it to not be identified as sponsored. I always so no. What would you tell them if they balk at the cost?

    1. If they don’t want to pay then I walk away. I don’t need them as much as they need me. They may pitch back another rate and if you feel OK with it, then accept it. But don’t take $25 or $50 – ever. That is insulting to you. 😉

      Those who want the do follow would never pay what you want anyhow. They are often paid to find places to drop links with crappy articles. You don’t want those.

      You want to work with those who understand the value in your site and the content and those are the brands who know they have to pay.

  20. Thanks, Tracie, that was an enlightening article. Just wanted to know if it is a guest blogger should I make his/her link to her website as ‘no-follow’ in their bio at the end of their article too.

  21. Tracie, Thank you so much for this post. I love reading all your advice. It makes sense and everything I get from you gives me confidence. I feel so less stressed and ready to make moves. This gave me everything I need and knowing the base price totally helped because I had no idea.

    1. You are welcome! I hate seeing sponsors take advantage of bloggers and want everyone to earn what they are worth.

  22. Hi Tracie. this is the best post I have seen of this kind! Thank you for that. I purchased the calculator. I am not sure the Youtube information is correct. I only have 65,000 subscribers, but I average about 300,000 views per video. For me to create a video insert, I charge a minimum of $1,500, but I also guarantee the views. Advertisers have accepted this price. I was actually afraid I wasn’t charging enough. The base on the calculator for $65,000 subscribers is $65 and for 300,000 views $300. I just wanted to let you know that i believe the value should be 5X what it currently is. I hope this helps some people!

    1. Oh gosh – yes! I had updated that to a different rate but the change was not saved – so thanks for letting me know!! (It is now correct). I also updated it with the way to determine the right rate to charge based on either subscribers or views — so you can achieve maximum payment.

  23. Hi Tracie, I just got approached about adding a sponsored paragraph to an already-published post on my blog. I have never done any sponsored or affiliate posts, so I’m grateful for the invaluable info you have provided here! They also mentioned about a do-follow link, but I’ve read from your previous responses that I should not accept do-follow links. If they accept to be tagged as a sponsored link, what should I charge for just a paragraph (added to the existing post) and for lifetime? Thanks for your advice!

    1. I personally never accept a sponsored link to be placed inside of an existing post. That is never worth it. I pass on those as they are often spammy links. In addition, the rate is not worth it as they get lifetime exposure on a post that might get more traffic — and you didn’t get paid fairly.

      I only accept full sponsored posts rather than ever accepting the paid link.

    1. I honestly don’t ever recommend these as they are usually content blasts, and they are rarely in my voice. I can’t control what they say.

      I would still start at the base rate for your post, and if you have an engaged social following they want you to share it with, you can charge more.

  24. So i want to ask, how much would one charge to just post a written sponsored, am not written or creating the content, the client/brand already have the content, they just want me to post on our site with a dofollow backlink.,our domain authority is around 40 and above.

    1. It depends on many factors but the lowest rate would be $250. But, what they want is a BIG NO-NO!! You NEVER get paid to put dofollow links on your site. And, those pre-written posts are often junk, filled with content that is not your voice and not worth your time at all.

      You can pitch back to write it yourself and then tell them it must be a no follow link. If they say no, they delete and move on.

  25. Hi Tracie,

    Thanks for this incredible post! I am currently having 2K page views on my site and around 250 Instagram followers. I’m kind of confused as to whether I should be creating a media kit as I don’t have much following. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. A media kit is always a must if you want to do sponsored work. Even if you are not pursuing, you can get pitched and might be asked to provideone. It is about what you can provide for the client vs. impressive stats.

      1. Thanks so much, Tracie. Although I haven’t started my blogging journey yet I am learning a lot about researching before I start. And this sponsored post write up has given me a view of how much to charge per sponsored post. Thanks again

  26. Hi Tracie,

    What if someone wants to write a sponsored post for your site? Would this be seen as a guest post and does one charge for this or do they just get the ‘dofollow’ backlink for writing the post? Still trying to figure this all out because I’m getting a few different requests and I’m a bit lost in how to reply. Many thanks.

    1. I would not accept those as they are not written in your voice. They often include links you do not want and might not fit your site. Unless you know the blogger, I would not accept any type of guest post on my site.

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