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Everything you need to launch a profitable blog!

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You’ve decided you are ready to get serious and start a blog.

But you aren’t sure what to do next.

You’ve spent hours reading blog posts and watching videos, but they aren’t showing you what you need to do.  They don’t show you what to do beyond the “click here and start a blog” button.

You don’t need another oversimplified course or blog post that does not show you what to do.

What if you could sign up one time and get access to everything you need to know to get your site to look the way you?

What if there were someone to show you how to navigate and use the WordPress platform?

What if you could learn where to focus the limited time you have to spend on your site each week?

What if you could learn the quick way for Google to learn about your site and to see how people find you?

You can.

I can’t guarantee that it is easy. But, I can say with confidence, that if you do the work you can make your blog a success.

Let’s work together to get your blog up and running so it can start making you money!

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This isn’t just an overview of how to set up your site. I walk you through everything!

~ How to find and add a theme to your blog

~ How to navigate and use WordPress

~ How to write the content that can rank

~ How to connect your site to Google and create and read the reports to know what terms you rank for

~ How to make those printable freebies you see every other site offering

~ How to plan your day so you know what to work on every time you sit at your computer

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What’s included in the Blog Accelerator?


Hey there, I’m Tracie…

I remember when I started blogging.  I needed help and asked.  But you know what,

Nobody listened.

I was alone, struggling to figure out how to do the simplest of tasks.

I was forced to learn how to do it all on my own. I made a lot of mistakes. More than anyone should ever make.

But, I did it. I figured it out and was able to build my site and it started making money!

As I learned, I kept coming back to what I was feeling – that no one should feel alone when it comes to learning how to start and run a blog.

If someone has questions, they need answers. And it does not matter what the question is – you deserve to know what you to do next.

That is when I promised that if I ever figured out this “blogging thing” that I would never let anyone go through what I did. They should never feel alone and lost.

Join Now for only $97!!!

Imagine having easy access to everything you need to learn.

How much time would you save not having to search Google or YouTube looking for answers?

The good news is you don’t need to!!

Everything you need to learn as a new blogger is right here for you. No searching required.

Look, I get it. You’re thinking that it’s all been done. Everyone has a start a blog course or article.

But, the truth is they all fall short.

Think about the post you read where the blogger tells you they are making $10,000 a month blogging.  Now, scroll further in that article and you’ll see they send you to a post about how to start a blog.

Let me guess.  When you clicked it was another one of those  “go here and sign up” articles you’ve seen hundreds of times.

Am I right?

Look, anyone can show you how to get a domain and hosting. That is the easy part.

But, are they showing you how to blog?  Do they tell you what to do once you get signed up through the host?

They don’t.

You need to learn what to do after you download WordPress. Otherwise, you’ve got a site you paid for and no clear understanding of what to do with it.

Six Blogging Courses for only $97!!

Is blogging for you? Well, it isn’t if :

~ You’re not willing to listen to what I have to teach you and take the time to apply it

~ You want to skip lessons and then complain you don’t understand

~ You have no interest in learning new skills

So who is the Blog Accelerator ? Someone who:

~ Is ready to spend time learning and following the lessons

~ Is excited about the adventure and possibilities that come with blogging

~ Knows that it will take time and patience for your blog to work


When do the courses start and finish?

There is no start or stop. Take each of them at a pace that makes sense for you and your busy schedule. It is just important that you finish and apply what you learn.

How long do I have access to the courses?

How does forever sound to you? Yep! You get to come back and review the videos and modules as often as you need.

What if I am unhappy?

I would never want that! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

Is the course video only?

Nope! The modules are presented in both video and text format. That way, you can learn using the method that works best for you.

What do I need to complete the course? 

You need a computer, internet connection, and a desire to learn!

What are you waiting for?

You want to blog. These are the courses you need right now.

The courses that are going to help you take action.

Sign up now!!!

I’ll see you in the course!!

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