Blogging is tough.  Social media can be tougher. 

Trying to figure it all out on your own?


If you find yourself needing help learning how to blog or capitalize on social media, then you, my friend, are in the right place.

As I said, it is tough to blog.  There is a lot to learn.

  • Do you know how to set up a site that people will read?
  • Do you know how to curate and develop an e-mail list?
  • Is there a product you would love to sell, but are not sure how to make it happen?
  • Are you wondering how bloggers make thousands a month when you are making pennies?
  • Do you feel like you spin your wheels on social media, only to hear the reply of crickets?

Whether you are just starting out blogging or
have been working your site for years,
there is always something new you can learn.

I remember the days when I was a new blogger. I felt alone and isolated.  I can’t even tell you how many e-mails I sent asking — no begging — for someone to share how they did aspects of their site.  Do you want to know how many people were willing to help me?

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

This blogging and social media business are tough.  And, it is tougher when you feel all alone and have no one to provide you with the knowledge and support you need.

  • I believe no one should feel stuck trying to figure out how to do this business on their own.
  • I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years.
  • You need a community and support system to help you along the way.  I completely agree.
  • I know you can be successful, you just need someone to help you learn how to make it happen.
  • I know in my heart that this is why I started blogging in the first place – so I could, in turn, help people just like you.

You want to blog. You want to be a social media powerhouse.  But, you don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in.

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Hi.  I’m Tracie!  Welcome!!

I’m passionate about blogging and social media. If I can inspire and help even one person feel the same way, then I’ll call that a success.

But, before we get into that, let’s go back to the beginning.

Where it all began

I still remember sitting down at my computer one night in January 2009.  I created a blog, And, if I am completely honest, I was not 100% sure what a blog even was.  I made the site because some friends told me that I should so I could have a place to share my ideas.  But then, I started to learn and do you know what happened?  I blew my goals out of the water.

I still remember writing these down in a notebook.  And, while that page is long gone, I still vividly remember each of them:

  • Year 1:  At least 1000 visits a month and $100 in monthly income.
  • Year 3:  At least 3000 visits a month and $300 in monthly income.
  • Year 5: At least 5000 visits a month and $500 in monthly income.

When I read my goals, I now laugh.  Not because of what I wrote, but rather because I was able to reach my five-year goal in less than a year of blogging.

How did I do it?

I read.  Well, I read what was available at the time. I was a human sponge, taking in what I could.  And, then, sadly, I stopped.  After all, I was making five figures a month, had capitalized on social media and my site was growing.  I had made it!

And then, the unthinkable happened.

It began with an e-mail from an affiliate partner.  They said I was making too much money and slashed my rates.  The income from them dropped by more than 75% overnight. (OK, well, not technically overnight, but in 4 weeks when the new rates went into effect).

Then, the economy began to recover. People were not struggling as much as they once were and did not need as much help finding coupons and saving at the grocery store.

I began losing traffic — and money.

But, rather than quit, guess what I did?  I went back to those early lessons I had read.  I began doing more research from other successful bloggers. And, I put into practice what I had learned. Once I was willing to admit my mistakes, things began to get better.

To be quite frank, I had fallen out of love with blogging, and this change helped me fall back in love again. I was passionate about what I was doing. And, as a result of remembering what I had learned and what I did wrong, I created this site.

Over the years I’ve grown my Facebook page to a following of more than 640,000 people.  Pinterest and Google are now my top referrers to my site.  My traffic is higher than ever, and my income is going up. But, that wasn’t enough.  I wanted to help others from making the mistakes I had done.

That’s why I created this site.  I want to help people – just like you!!

By following me, you get the benefit of my mistakes – without having to make them on your own. You’ll learn from someone who knows what it takes to make it work.  I have not only done this for nearly 10 years, but I know what it is like to struggle.  Let me help you take your blog and/or social media to the next level.

Some of what you can learn include:

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No worries that I am going to bug the crap out of you (I don’t do that), but when I learn something amazing or find a way to help you really, I’ll be sending a shout out your way!